Peter Smith

Marcus Foster

Smith Foster & Associates Inc. was formed shortly after Peter Smith and Marcus Foster sold Axxent Engineering Ltd. to Allnorth Consultants in the summer of 2011. Smith Foster & Associates provides consulting services to mining companies worldwide including project and construction management.

Axxent Engineering Ltd. was formed in May 2006 when Peter Smith and Marcus Foster purchased AECOM's Industrial Engineering Group in Surrey. Originally with a staff of 15, the Company quickly grew to a staff of over 45 with clients such as Taseko Mines, Endeavour Silver, Farallon Mining and Yellowhead Mining. Smith managed the technical side of the business while Foster managed the administrative and financial aspects of the company.

Smith Foster & Associates has assembled an extensive list of industry professionals that can provide the key services its clients require. Smith, an engineer and former senior executive with several major engineering groups, has over 35 years of project and construction management experience in Canada and overseas.